My name's Víctor Peinado and I'm an NLP practioner.

Please notice here NLP stands for Natural Language Processing.


I'm a language geek. I always dreamed of talking machines able to understand human language.

I currently work as a Senior NLP/ML Engineer at Reply.ai. I also enjoy teaching stuff about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

I used to work at Minsait/INDRA, helping apply NLP and ML to AI products for different domains. And before that, I helped develop Google's Natural Language products, teached at UCM, and did some research on NLP and Multilingual Information Access at UNED's NLP&IR Group.

In the free time, I love running, riding my bike, playing the guitar...


You can find me over there as vitojph at Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, flickr... Grab my GPG public key (0xFE4274C2E6C25218).